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A Simple DOC Day

10257143_10152110308093108_6289578571754550777_nA Simple Day of Coordination

You have worked hard at planning your wedding, making sure the smallest of details is exactly the way you envisioned with family and friends helping out. You have decided all of you deserve to enjoy the day of your wedding. Believe it or not it’s more affordable than ever to have someone there to direct your day with our Simple Day of Coordination package. Still some of the great advantages of our Full DOC package, but with just a little less. Instead of being there with you first thing in the morning while hair is being done, we show up later in the day making sure everything is in place the way you have planned at your reception (& ceremony if at same location). Still giving you someone who will be there for the both of you and to head off any problems that may creep in throughout the event. Once all the formalities are over and we make sure everything is running smoothly we depart your event. Don’t worry it includes a Day of Timeline too!

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